Unión, Fortaleza y Acción

Unity, Strength and Action

Welcome to the Ecuadorian International Center, Inc.

Located in the most diverse community in the U.S., the EIC has been working to bring people together since 1999. The EIC’s programs strive to help, educate, and inspire the Spanish speaking immigrant community from South and Central America and the Caribbean to learn how to adjust to life in the United States and reach their full potential. We provide new immigrants with the tools to become self-sufficient and improve their lives, helping them to break down barriers that may limit their economic growth potential, as well as their contribution to their new community. The EIC also provides them with guidance, support, and resources that promote civic engagement and participation in cultural activities that enrich their lives.  



EIC is now working with the DACA Initative !!!!! Call us for more information (718) 651-8630


  • English Classes
  • Citizenship preparation classes
  • GED preparation classes


This season EIC will introduce a wellness program

                         "Cuidate Mujer, Keeping up with our health"

Will offer women FREE mammograms and information on breast cancer and other health topics for women.  Get informed and stay healthy!!!!






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We were honored

On August 18, 2012, Ecuadorians celebrated  The First Tribute to the Ecuadorian Community in the U.S.A. hosted by the Honorable Judge Carment Velasquez and La Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Carrion Nucleo Internacional de New York.  Our very own Martha Zambrano, Executive Director of the EIC, received an award in recognition for her work with the immigrant community.  She was one of 7 Ecuadorian women from throughout the U.S. that received a recognition that evening.  We are very proud of the recognition and happy to have her as our leader.  


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Support Us!

We depend on help from our caring neighbors. Get involved by volunteering your time or making a most welcome donation.  By supporting our efforts it brings us a little further in improving the lives of our neighbors . 

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