Unión, Fortaleza y Acción

Unity, Strength and Action

About Ecuadorian International Center, Inc.

Our Mission

Empowering underserved member of our community to realize their full potential as members of this society.


EIC is committed to educating and guiding the New York immigrant community by providing resources, programming and services.






Organizational Description

Ecuadorian International Center (EIC) is a registered not-for-profit organization, located in Jackson Heights, Queens, that has been serving the community since 1999. Although named Ecuadorian International Center, the organization provides services to all immigrant populations. Recent immigrants, regardless of nationality, have unique needs stemming from their lack of familiarity with U.S. society, limited English skills, cultural differences, and limited understanding or eligibility for social service that disconnects them from the larger society around them despite their large and growing numbers.


The founders of the EIC wanted to address 6 needs that would make a significant difference in the well-being and progress of the Spanish immigrant population in the community. The EIC offers programs in these key areas in Spanish to accommodate the target population:

  • Employment Information and Training: filling the lack of job training opportunities in the community breaking the pattern of unemployment and underemployment.
  • English language training: offering opportunities to learning English as an essential component of economic stability, integration and civic participation in their host community.
  • Youth Development: offering opportunities for community service and mentoring by adults who can inspire them to succeed.
  • Cultural Activities: offering opportunities to participation in cultural activities not only connects immigrants with their roots, but also provides them with a network that helps them avoid feelings of isolation.
  • Public Health Education: addressing the risk of immigrants to serious health problems by building partnerships and offering health education programming to fill the gap in access to health care.
  • Information and Referrals: navigating the population on the available services in New York City and in their home country consulates, and negotiating services on their behalf.


The EIC has a very small staff and counts on the generosity of time donated by its many volunteers to carry out our programing.  Our strong partnerships with local leaders, Radio Delgado, Elmhurst Hospital Center and many local businesses have allowed to to carry out our mission. 

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