Meet Our Staff

Meet the most important supporters and leaders of our organization.

Martha Zambrano,

Executive Director


Martha has served as the Executive Director of the EIC since 2002.  She has been tirelessly working with the Spanish-speaking community from Latin America and the Caribbean in New York City to help integrate them into American Society by providing social opportunities and educational programming.  Under her leadership, over 500 people have benefited by accessing classes and services at the EIC and an ever greater number have benefited from her words of wisdom and advice. 


Martha holds a degree (Licenciatura) in Social Work and is a certified Kindergarten Teacher.  Prior to leaving Ecuador, she worked for the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, as well as the state-run petroleum company, Corporación Estatal Petrolera Ecuatoriana (CEPE ).  She holds the distinction of being the first Ecuadorian woman to work as a Social Worker in the Ecuadorian Amazons.  She also volunteered to work with the native indigenous community in Aguarico, Ecuador.  Martha has participated in several international conferences in Israel, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile discussing issues of economic development and health of underserved populations.  Upon her arrival in the United States, she first worked for the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census 2000.  She later worked in marketing and public relations for S.G. Multiservice Company and as a consultant for the Hispanic Children and Family Committee, but it is the Executive Director of the Ecuadorian International Center (EIC) where she has found her true calling and where she is most recognized from.   What she enjoys most is educating and providing opportunities for people to experience what is around them.  Engaging people and providing them with opportunities to experience new things is her passion.        


Monti J. Castaneda, MPH, MA

Director of Programs and Development


Monti is an experienced grants officer specializing in budgets and operations who was looking to broaden her intellectual and professional horizons when she joined the EIC.  Monti brings to the EIC a wealth of experience in a variety of fields including education, clinical research, and public health.   She received her M.P.H. in Global Public Health and an M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from New York University and a B.A. in International Relations from Hunter College/CUNY.


Monti has worked with large New York institutions likes the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), the Institute of International Education (IIE), the New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM), the Community Health Care Association of NYS (CHCANYS), and the NYU Cancer Institute at the Bellevue Hospital Breast Clinic.  She is also a member of the SHARE/LatinaShare Advisory Board working on providing outreach to Latinas with breast cancer.  She brings to the EIC a strong background underserved communities; she has conducted research on Elderly Immigrants in Jackson Heights, worked with the community health care model and the provision of heath care to immigrant and low-income communities.  She has also worked for many years on projects with local community leaders volunteering services in the community. 

Maria Fernanda Estrella,

Administrative Assistant


Maria Fernanda earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and International Affairs at the Pontificia Universidad Catòlica del Ecuador.  From an early has she began giving volunteer serve to different organizations and traveled to different countries to gain a better understanding of different cultures and problems faced by underserved communities.


After arriving in the United States she began working as a Program Coordinator at the National Secretariat of Migrant Affairs of the Ecuadorian Government (SENAMI).  She currently works at the EIC supporting the Executive Director and the staff to accomplish the objectives and goals of the organization.  Maria Fernanda is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Project Management, Planning and Design through Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER).


Nicole Keeling,

Event Manager


Creative and talented honors marketing student interested in helping Ecuadorian International Center, Inc to succeed in every event and program that the organization develops.  She has a strong work ethic, determination, and leadership qualities with an eye for artful design.


Offering exceptional organizational skills focused on meticulous execution of highly planned events and critical thinking skills to help generate innovative ideas and gain industry experience. Proven ability to prioritize, meet deadlines and provide excellent customer service.


Stephanie Falcon,

Outreach Coordinator/ESOL and Civics Instructor


Stephanie was born and raised in Queens, NY, in one of the most demographically diverse places on earth. As her love for foreign cultures grew, so did her passion in helping immigrants. At a young age, Stephanie would volunteer as an ESL teacher for immigrants in her church and community.


She earned a bachelor degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies from Queens College/CUNY. Stephanie began her relationship with the EIC as a volunteer during college and has grown to become an experienced instructor and volunteer recruitment.   She also works closely with the EIC leadership to build partnerships with local CBO's and organize volunteer activities.